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Table of Contents

Users of the outdated setup adapter v2 + Mega: please note appendix D!

1. The BSB-LPB-LAN Adapter and the BSB-LAN Software
2. General Informations about BSB, LPB and PPS
2.1 BSB and LPB
2.1.1 Addressing within the BSB
2.1.2 Addressing within the LPB
2.2 PPS
2.3 Connecting the Adapter to the Controller
3. Supported Heating Systems and Controllers
3.1 Successfully Tested Heating Systems
3.1.1 Broetje
3.1.2 Elco
3.1.3 Other Manufacturers
3.2 Detailed Listing and Description of the Supported Controllers
3.2.1 LMx Controllers LMU Controllers LMS Controllers
3.2.2 RVx Controllers RVA and RVP Controllers RVS Controllers
3.2.3 Expansion- and ClipIn-Modules
3.2.4 Operating Units
3.3 New Type: NOT Supported Controller from Broetje
3.4 Special Case: LMU54/LMU64 Controllers
3.5 Special Case: Weishaupt Heating Systems
3.6 Conventional Room Units for the Listed Controllers
3.6.1 QAA55 / QAA58
3.6.2 QAA75 / QAA78
3.6.3 QAA74
3.6.4 Broetje IDA
3.6.5 QAA53 / QAA73
3.6.6 QAA50 / QAA70
3.7 Special Accessories: Webserver OZW672 and Servicetool OCI700
3.8 Retrofitting an LPB by Using an OCI420 ClipIn
4. Installation of the Arduino IDE and Configuration of the Adapter
5. Relevant Parameter Settings of the BSB-LAN Software
6. Examining the Correct Functionality and First Usage of the Adapter
7. BSB-LAN Web - the Webinterface of the Adapter
8. URL Commands and Special Functions
8.1 Listing and Description of the URL Commands
8.2 Special Functions
8.2.1 Transmitting a Room Temperature
8.2.2 Simulating the Presence Function
8.2.3 Triggering a Manual DHW-Push
8.2.4 Retrieving and Controlling via JSON
8.2.5 Checking for Non-Released Controller Specific Command IDs
8.2.6 IPWE Extension
8.2.7 Changing the Date, Time and Time Programs
8.2.8 Transmitting an Alternative Outside Temperature
8.2.9 Integrating Own Code in BSB-LAN
8.2.10 Using the Webserver Function
8.2.11 Using the Alternative AJAX Web Interface
9. Logging Data
9.1 Usage of the Adapter as a Standalone Logger with BSB-LAN
9.2 Usage of the Adapter as a Remote Logger
10. Reading Out New Parameter Telegrams
11. Usage of External Programs
11.1 FHEM
11.1.1 Integration via BSB-LAN Module
11.1.2 Integration via HTTPMOD Module
11.2 OpenHAB
11.2.1 OpenHAB with Javascript Transformation
11.2.2 OpenHAB with Javascript Transformation, MQTT, Network and Expire
11.2.3 OpenHAB2 Binding
11.3 HomeMatic (EQ3)
11.4 IoBroker
11.5 Loxone
11.6 IP-Symcon
11.7 MQTT, InfluxDB, Telegraf and Grafana
11.8 MQTT and FHEM
11.9 MQTT2 and FHEM
11.10 EDOMI
11.11 Home Assistant
12. Hardware in Conjunction with the BSB-LPB-LAN Adapter
12.1 The Arduino Due
12.2 The LAN Shield
12.3 Usage of Optional Sensors: DHT22 and DS18B20
12.3.1 Notes on DHT22 Temperature/Humidity Sensors
12.3.2 Notes on DS18B20 Temperature Sensors
12.4 Relays and Relayboards
12.5 MAX! Components
12.6 Own Hardwaresolutions
12.6.1 Substitute for a Room Unit (Arduino Uno, LAN Shield, DHT22, Display, Push Button Switch)
12.6.2 Room Temperature Sensor (Wemos D1 mini, DHT22, Display)
12.6.3 Substitute for a Room Unit with UDP Communication (LAN Connection)
12.7 LAN Options for the BSB-LPB-LAN Adapter
12.7.1 Usage of a PowerLAN / dLAN
12.7.2 WLAN: Usage of an Additional Router
12.8 Housing
12.9 Raspberry Pi
13. Possible Error Messages and their Causes
13.1 Error Message “unknown type xxxxxxxx”
13.2 Error Message “error 7 (parameter not supported)”
13.3 Error Message “query failed”
13.4 Error Message “ERROR: set failed! - parameter is readonly”
13.5 Error Message “decoding error”
14. Problems and their Possible Causes
14.1 The Red LED of the Adapter Isn’t Lit
14.2 The Red LED Is Lit, but a Query Isn’t Possible
14.3 Access to the Webinterface Isn’t Possible
14.4 No Query of Parameters Possible
14.5 Controller Isn’t Recognized Correctly
14.6 Heating Circuit 1 Can’t Be Controlled
14.7 Room Temperature Can’t Be Transmitted to Heating Circuit 1
14.8 Heating Circuit 2 Can’t Be Controlled
14.9 Room Temperature Can’t Be Transmitted to Heating Circuit 2
14.10 Settings of the Controller Can’t Be Changed via Adapter
14.11 Sometimes the Adapter Doesn’t React to Queries or SET-Commands
14.12 ‘Nothing’ Happens at the Query of the Logfile
14.13 No 24-Hour Averages Are Displayed
14.14 ‘Nothing’ Happens at the Query of DS18B20/DHT22 Sensors
14.15 The DS18B20 Sensors Are Showing Wrong Values
14.16 The ‘Serial Monitor’ of the Arduino IDE Doesn’t Provide Data
15. FAQ
15.1 Can I Use the Adapter & Software with a Raspbery Pi?
15.2 Can I Connect One Adapter to Two Controllers at the Same Time?
15.3 Can I Connect an Adapter via LPB And Query Different Controllers?
15.4 Is a Multifunctional Input of the Controller Directly Switchable via Adapter?
15.5 Can an Additional Relayboard Be Connected And Controlled by the Ardunio?
15.6 Can I Query the State of a Connected Relay?
15.7 Can I Be Helpful to Add Yet Unknown Parameters?
15.8 Why Do Some Parameters Appear Doubly Within a Complete Query?
15.9 Why Aren’t Certain Parameters Displayed Sometimes?
15.10 Why Isn’t Access to Connected Sensors Possible?
15.11 I’m Using a W5500 LAN-Shield, What Do I Have to Do?
15.12 Can States Or Values Be Sent As Push-Messages?
15.13 Can (e.g.) FHEM ‘Listen’ to Certain Broadcasts?
15.14 Why Sometimes Timeout Problems Occur Within FHEM?
15.15 Is There a Module For FHEM?
15.16 Why Aren’t Any Values Displayed At Stage 2 Within /B?
15.17 It Appears to Me That the Displayed Values of /B Aren’t Correct.
15.18 What Is the Exact Difference Between /M1 and /V1?
15.19 Can I Implement My Own Code In BSB-LAN?
15.20 Can I Integrate MAX! Thermostats?
15.21 Why Isn’t the Adapter Reachable After a Power Failure?
15.22 Why Isn’t the Adapter Reachable Sometimes (Without a Power Failure)?
15.23 Why Do ‘Query Failed’ Messages Occur Sometimes?
15.24 I Don’t Find a LPB or BSB Connector, Only L-BUS And R-BUS?!
15.25 Is There An Alternative Besides Using LAN?
15.26 I Am Using The Outdated Setup Adapter v2 + Arduino Mega 2560 - Is There Anything I Have To Take Care Of?
15.27 I Have Further Questions, Who Can I Contact?
16. Quick Installation Guide
17. Further Informations and Sources
Appendix A1: Circuit Diagram BSB-LPB-LAN Adapter v3
Appendix A2: Notes on the Circuit Diagram
A2.1 Short Explanation of the Circuit Diagram
A2.2 Parts List
A2.3 General Notes
Appendix B: Cheatsheet URL Commands
Appendix C: Changelog BSB-LAN Software
Appendix D: Notes For Users Of The Outdated Setup Adapter v2 + Mega 2560