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Table of Contents

Users of the outdated setup adapter v2 + Mega: please note appendix D!


Quick Start Guide for Arduino Due

Quick Start Guide for ESP32 Boards

1. BSB-LAN: The Hardware

2. BSB-LAN: The Software

3. BSB-LAN Setup: Connection and Startup

4. BSB-LAN: The Webinterface

5. BSB-LAN: Query and Control

6. BSB-LAN: Special Functions

7. BSB-LAN Setup: Optional Hardware

8. Integration via Additional Software

9. Excursus: Reading Out New Parameter Telegrams

10. Excursus: Heating Controllers and Accessories

11. Excursus: Successfully Tested Heating Systems

12. Excursus: Arduino IDE

13. Possible Error Messages and their Causes

14. Problems and their Possible Causes

15. FAQ

16. Further Informations and Sources

Appendix A1: Circuit Diagram BSB-LPB-LAN Adapter v4 (Due version)

Appendix A2: Notes on the Circuit Diagram

Appendix B: Pinouts

Appendix C: Changelog BSB-LAN Software

Appendix D: Notes For Users Of The Outdated Setup Adapter v2 + Mega 2560